Better World Ed

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We’re a hungry team of former educators and lifelong social change students. We’ve built a network of hundreds of respected teachers, storytellers, social enterprises, advisors, and investors all aligned to achieve a huge mission: get all youth the best resources to practice empathy, global understanding, and social change every day. Not only have we personally seen the value of these practices — research shows that they are essential for human development and life outcomes. We’ve invested 6 years in researching, studying, designing, teaching, and iterating curriculum that integrates 1) academic learning, 2) social/emotional skills, and 3) global awareness/social change topics in an engaging way. Why? That’s where teachers and students face a huge gap: engaging, globally relevant K12 content. Filling this gap creates opportunity to not only make school engaging, but also to realize our vision: empathetic, globally aware humans tackling our world’s massive challenges together.